GMPTE Logo pin badge


There's a great legacy of transport logos across the world and here at Modernist HQ we've decided to celebrate our own local transport authority by reproducing the excellent 'M' designed in 1974 for GMPTE (Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive).

Designed by Kenneth Hollick for the newly unified transport authority, the logo was a familiar sight on the county's 'Metropolitan Orange' buses until de-regulation in the 1980s.

An updated version of the 'M' logo is now used by the transport authority's successor TfGM.

TfGm have kindly given us permission to reproduce the original 'M' logo.

So, queue here, have the right change ready and adorn your cap with an 'M'.

25mm x 25mm (butterfly fastener)

Hard Enamel


**Please remember - we are a not for profit organisation with a very small team. We aim to dispatch your order within seven days of receiving it. Please be patient with us. Thank you.**


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