American Snapshots: #4 Funeral by David Dunnico


#4 Funeral

It may seem macabre to photograph the dead, but just as a funeral service or a headstone memorialises a person, so does a photograph. In America, the corpse is usually embalmed and made up to look their best for “the memory shot”.

Please note that this book includes several photographs of dead people

40 pages, 39 photographs



American Snapshots is a new series of themed books, featuring found extraordinary photographs taken throughout the 20th Century by ordinary Americans and collected in the 21st by Manchester based documentary photographer David Dunnico.


Affordable and very collectable, the books are a uniform A5 size (148 x 210mm) printed on 200gsm paper with a soft back cover. Full of images of things familiar yet strange, most reproduced at their original size. The books will appeal to students of social history, collectors of vernacular photography, and fans of Americana.

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