Sonic Architecture - Architecture Album Artwork by Paul Groenendijk


Sonic Architecture

In 2021 our friends at OMI in Rotterdam put on a great exhibition by Paul Groenendijk, of record sleeves that featured Modernist architecture and design. We were very jealous, because it looked a great exhibition, but sadly couldn't travel over to see it. However they produced a fantastic book to go with the exhibition. It is jam packed with hundreds of record sleeves and a variety of essays. Sadly for us non Dutch speakers though - all the essays are in Dutch. Its still a great book though and worth it for the pictures (if you can' t read Dutch!) 

We managed to get hold of a few copies and you can get it exclusively (in the UK at least) from us.  

"Music is to listen to, but a derivative form of music is the record cover.
Architecture is a great source of inspiration for musicians and composers.
From classical and modern composers via jazz and blues to new wave bands and rappers who applaud the big city.
This is where music and architecture come together. This book collects the most beautiful, strangest, most special architectural covers.
With the stories behind the famous covers and the designers. A surprising and interesting combination of high and low culture: from Pink Floyd to the Pilgrim Choir.
Here they stand side by side: Led Zeppelin and Le Corbusier, Antoni Gaudí and Gloria Gaynor, Oscar Niemeyer and Henk Numeijer.
With many unexpected encounters. What does Ria Valk do in the Van Gool plan, what does Gerrit Rietveld have with The White Stripes, what does Bløf do for Radio Kootwijk?
And why are there so many covers with Rotterdam and Rotterdam buildings?"

I repeat - all the text is in Dutch. You have been warned! 

Full colour 

256 pages 

£20 plus p&p 

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