Towards A New Horizon - Jo Stanness


We are lucky enough to know many great artists here at The Modernist so we are always happy to showcase their work whenever possible.

We had hoped to put on an exhibition of Jo Stanness’ work before the pandemic took hold and we do hope to show them one day but in the meantime we have produced a lovely catalogue of her work , for an exhibition that never happened.

Jo’s work is collage and painting - incorporating photographs of mainly Brutalist buildings with vivid geometric splashes of colour.

“In 1954, the artist, Victor Pasmore was invited to work with architects and planners in the design of the new Sunny Blunts housing estate in Peterlee, in order to “lift their eyes to a new horizon.” The centrepiece of the estate would be the Apollo Pavilion, described by Pasmore as, “an architecture and sculpture of purely abstract form… a free and anonymous monument, which… can lift the activity and psychology of an urban housing community on to a universal plane.” Pasmore’s visual and spatial understanding lifts and informs. Conversely, in my paintings, the visual and spatial understanding of architects forms a starting point from which to explore not physical space, but the space of the picture plane. I hope that they might convey a little of the optimism of the architecture of post-war Britain.”

40 pages 300gsm cover / 180 gsm inners

A5 Landscape

£10 plus p&p


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