Deepest Red - zine


Deepest Red - Manchester United Social History Fanzine

We don't really go in for football tribalism here at the modernist. We are citizens of the world and appreciate and respect the glorious differences between us all.

With that in mind - when our friend Carly Vandella showed us her new Manchester United fanzine we really liked it and thought some of you would too.

The fanzine is less about football itself but more about the social history around the club. They are long form, well written, intelligent articles and the zine is very nicely designed (Carly admits she was 'inspired' very much by the design of the modernist)

Of particular interest is an article about George Best's modernist house - which our own Eddy Rhead contributes his wisdom to.

It obviously helps if you are a United fan but its a good read no matter what colour scarf you tie to your wrist. Its a ridiculously low price of £2 too.

32 pages

Full Colour

24cm x 17cm

£2 plus p&p



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