PATTERN, SHAPE AND TEXTURE - photobook by Rhiannon Bigham



“ The locations of each photograph fall along the same train route through the West Midlands visiting Coventry, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Stafford and Stoke-on-Trent.

Through exploring each place, echoes emerged in the different urban landscapes, elements usually unnoticed became the focus.

When looking at the built environment, I find the detail is as important as the overall form. Viewing from an alternative angle, the structures can take on different meanings and you see in the architectural detailing emerging patterns, discover simple outlines of shape and appreciate the variety of texture.

The sensory quality of our environment and our interpretation of it is extremely valuable. The images of architectural elements I have included can be translated in independent ways, sometimes inspiring concepts in entirely different disciplines. As a result, I wanted the image sequences to be fairly free of my own associations, so that you can interpret them in your own way.

Some of these places still exist, some have sadly been lost, but the design features and artistic investment have been noticed, recorded and will hopefully spark an idea. “

44 pages

Full colour

£7 plus p&p

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