ist - Badges

Brutalist or Modernist:

Our signature dish is back - but now with an improved recipe.

Individually mounted on a backing card, with a less fiddly ‘butterfly’ pin and in a whole new range of new colours this long term staple has had a refreshing overhaul.

BRUTALIST -Deep Purple or Luscious Plum - depending on how you view life and what you think of 70’s rock bands

MODERNIST - Is it grey? Is it blue? Its a greyey blue. Or possible a bluey grey. Either way its very subtle and very cool.

FUTURIST - we googled “What is the colour of the future?” and we kind of broke the internet so we just decided on Orange instead - because we like orange.

MINIMALIST - your average minimalist doesn’t really want to draw attention to themselves so we stuck with black for this one. Look smashing on that black polo-neck sweater I know all you minimalists wear.

New and improved but at the same great price as before.

£7 each or £23 for The Full Suite - plus p&p.

We still have a limited amount of some (but not all) of the previous colourways here

 **Please remember - we are a not for profit organisation with a very small team. We aim to dispatch your order within seven days of receiving it. Please be patient with us. Thank you.**


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