L'Escalier Moderne - Photobook


L'Escalier Moderne by Bill Ayres and Simon Hadfield

Designed by Lisa Brown

You may remember Bill Ayres from our previous collaboration = Knowledge and Work - a photographic study of Manchester’s former UMIST campus.

Well now Bill has teamed up with Simon Hadfield to bring a tribute to that often overlooked but necessary and sometimes beautiful aspect of architecture - the staircase.

‘The book might have been called ‘L’Esprit de L’Escalier’ meaning the ‘mind’ or ‘spirit’ of the staircase : the idea of having the perfect witty retort or comeback, but only grasping it once you’re on your way out of the apartment, or building, or life of the person you were talking to….. we realised that staircases have a fleeting and liminal quality in many senses, and we wanted to show that.’

Bill has captured the staircases, in and around Manchester, of dozens of Modernist buildings - mostly in the low light and twilight hours - they are both a tribute to the architects who conceived them but also offer us a sense of the possibilities staircases can lead us to .

40 pages

Full colour

£7 plus p&p

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