Ocelot Chocolate


Modernists, by their very nature , have impeccable taste. Also, in our experience, your average Modernist also doesn’t really subscribe to the stereotype of being austere and earnest. They like a bit of indulgence too.

So when we saw these beautifully packaged chocolates from Edinburgh chocolate makers OCELOT we really had to get them in.

This is certainly not your average Curly Wurly.

Using ethically sourced raw materials, these hand made bars are finished off in packaging that is not only beautiful but sustainable.

They come in a variety of interesting and unique flavours and some are even suitable for vegans.

These make a special treat for you or would make excellent gift for that special chocoholic in your life.

£5 per bar plus p&p


Handmade, designed and packaged in a micro chocolate factory in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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