Otl Aicher Cycling Pictogram T-shirt

Size & Colour:

Bicycling at high gear
Final sprint at the finish

The graphic branding for the 1972 Munich Olympics by Otl Aicher and his Dept. XI, is seen by many as the high watermark for Modernist graphic design.

One of the most enduring graphical legacies of the Munich design programme, are the wayfaring pictograms, designed by Gerhard Joksch, used to guide people around the Olympic site and also used extensively across a range of visual material needed for a modern Olympic games.

We have a range of new products that will use some of the pictograms - with our own Modernist Society spin. The first of these is obviously a t-shirt.

We know lots of you are keen cyclists, so when it came to decide what sport to pick, cycling was the obvious first choice. In the future we could, of course, extend the range into other sports - so hold tight, all you kayakers and show jumpers out there.

The pictogram and text, following the guidelines set out by Otl, is printed in a matt silver.

Unlike previous t-shirts we are doing a short period of pre orders, so nobody need miss out when the first run inevitably sells out. Because of this, we can also offer a big range of colours, all inspired by the palette that Aicher and his team devised for the 72 Olympics.

The colours available are : CHARCOAL (not shown) / PINK / ORANGE / GOLD / SKY BLUE / LIME

The t-shirts are Gildan Heavy and the colours and size chart are available HERE

Orders placed in the initial pre order period will be despatched the week beginning 7th December so for Uk customers they will get to you before Christmas.

This is an officially licensed product - pictograms © Otl Aicher.

Special thank you to Trevor Johnson for creative direction and helping bring this project to fruition.

Cost : £20 plus p&p

UK P&P should be no more than £2 per tee

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