Unregarded by Brian Lomas


Brian Lomas came into our Manchester HQ one day and asked if we would like to see a project he had been working on.

We must admit that at first we were a bit sceptical because Brian is not the usual hipster young gunslinger armed with an iPhone and turn-ups on his jeans that we usually deal with. A retired gentleman, he only shoots on film, has no smartphone or email address .

But when he pulled out his box of prints (not a laptop) and showed them to us we knew we had to do a photobook with him.

Very much in the tradition of Hilla and Bernd Becher - Brian seeks out unregarded industrial buildings (mainly in his native North Manchester) and shoots them straight on, in monchrome and with cold flat northern light.

What we have is the mundane, the scruffy and often downright ugly. But we also have a valuable visual record and a capture of buildings that come and go with little or no fanfare and are such a part of a landscape we rarely notice them. The Unregarded.

If you are looking for a pretty picture book showing bucolic scenes then i suggest you look elsewhere. If you like scruffy warehouses in unglamorous parts of the city shot in flat black and white tones then you are going to love it.

42 pages

£7 plus p&p

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