'Viva Modernism!' t-shirt


Been a while since we have done a t-shirt and now summer is upon us it is a good time to introduce you to our latest garment.

Dispelling the myth that all Modernists are earnest types who live in minimalist white cubes we are celebrating Modernism with a posItive slogan 'VIVA MODERNISM'  and in fun, summery colourways. We took our inspiration from 1970's summer package holidays, the record sleeves of Sergio Mendes and the branding of exotic fizzy pop bottles.

The slogan is in vivid Lime and Orange and we have a choice of two t-shirt colours - Tropical Blue and Tequila Sunset Red.

Now we can all travel again these are perfect for your summer holidays or, if you prefer, stay at home and bring a bit of sunshine to your own town or city. 



So slip on your espadrilles, grab a Calippo from the freezer and lets all gather at the pool in our VIVA MODERNISM t-shirts.  

Thanks to Trevor and Craig Johnson aka 'Johnson Inc' for the design. 

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