Xanthe Bonsall Pouches


We really loved these zipped pouches from designer Xanthe Bonsall so we decided to get some in.

With vivid graphics and colours these super stylish and super useful pouches could act as a weekend washbag or makeup bag. The small version could be used as a purse or phone wallet. We are using one of the medium size ones to keep our various electronic device charger and cables in.

Available in three sizes - Small = 15x10cm / Medium = 20x15cm / Large = 25x20cm

Available in a variety of designs - Apollo and Apollo 2 use geometric shapes which very much remind us of 60s public art but with splashes of colour (unlike that nasty grey concrete you lot all like)

Bolt and Pill are for you 80s kids - reminding us of Janet Jackson videos, The Chart Show and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Collage and Geometric pretty much speak for themselves and Barbican features.... you guessed it.

Designed, printed and sewn by Xanthe herself in Yorkshire.

£12 / £15 / £20 plus p&p


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