Architectural Review Handling Session


Thursday 25th April - 6pm until 8pm

the modernist, 58 Port Street, Manchester, M1 2EQ 

We were recently gifted 8 boxes of Architectural Review spanning the 1930's up until the 1990's

We eventually want to find a 'forever home' for this collection but in the meantime we thought some of you may want to come and have a browse through them.

They are jam packed with beautiful photographs, drawings and articles and the adverts are equally as informative and inspiring. The graphic design was consistently superb in the AR and was a big inspiration for the design of the modernist magazine. 

This will be of interest to architectural and social historians, photographers, graphic designers or just anyone interested in architecture. 

Due to limited space, and for your comfort, we are operating two hour long slots on the evening. In the hour you will be free to look at as many issues as you want. 

[pre-booked ticket holders only] 

(Members can apply discount at checkout.)

**NB we do not send out tickets for these events - your name will be added to an attendee list**

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