the modernist x BDP present - The BDP Talk Series. 2.5 - Lisa Kinch and Joy Burgess - Lost And Found

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Thursday 15th February 2024

6.15PM FOR A 6.30PM START BDP, 11 Ducie St, Manchester M1 2JB

Lost and Found 

Recovering Individuals from the Institutional Archive

Drawing on the ongoing PhD research of Lisa Kinch and Joy Burgess, this pair of talks will highlight and celebrate individual architects and designers whose names were obscured by organisational structures and lost in history, but have now been rediscovered in the depths of archives, journals and interviews.

Lisa's talk will use examples of regional post-war  telephone exchanges to discuss the organisation and work of individuals in the North West official architecture offices, and demonstrate how they sometimes collaborated with local architecture practices. She will also explain how visual research methods have helped connect significant individuals and identify lasting partnerships between public and private practice.  

Joy's talk will focus on the life and work of Margaret Maxwell, an architect and landscape architect who had a long running collaboration with Peter Shepheard of Shepheard, Epstein and Hunter. Whilst Shepheard’s contribution to the post-war built environment is well known, Maxwell’s part in this professional duo has not been fully recognised. This talk will use Peter Shepheard’s archive, within which Maxwell’s own work is found, to explore the significance of her contribution to landscape architecture in the twentieth century.

Lisa Kinch is an architect, part-time tutor at Manchester School of Architecture and PhD student at Lancaster University. Her research concerns the architectural history of post-war telephone exchange buildings and the relationships between the state, 'official architecture' and technology. 

Joy Burgess is a landscape designer, part-time tutor at Manchester School of Architecture and PhD student at the University of Liverpool. She is researching the work of female landscape architects in post-war Britain and looking to make a contribution towards a feminist history of landscape architecture.

Both research projects are funded by the North West Consortium Doctoral Training Partnership, part of the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

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Thank you to BDP for supporting this event.

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