“In late 2019 I had started to think about the book I could make after ‘A Wounded Landscape - bearing witness to the Holocaust’ and whether perhaps I could do a follow up of sorts to ‘The Last Stand’.
I must admit the idea of something a bit more gentle on my soul after the previous 6 years work was enticing. What I found was a logical continuation of the theme of memory and history set in the landscapes.

During the last year I have walked over 500 kilometres in the mountains of the Trentino-Alto Adige region of Northern Italy, making photographs for my new work and book, ‘Remnants’, based around the First World War mountain forts that sit in the landscape today.

“Today the forts and their stratifications talk not only about conflict but surprisingly also about the dialogue and relationship of nature and man made structures.” - Marco Ferrari

Working in collaboration with Italian architect and researcher Marco Ferrari, this new body of work looks at both the historical and also ecological aspect of the man-made structures that were built to dominate the surrounding environment and are now merging with the natural environment they are set within.” Marc Wilson

Standard edition - £30

112 pages / 260 x 210 mm
60 photographs, maps, illustrations and text
Double soft cover, GF Smith and Fedrigoni papers
Munken text pages
First edition of 1000
Litho printed and sewn bound
ISBN 978-1-8380236-3-8

Design by Robert Shaw who also designed the recent editions of 'The Last Stand’
Text by Marco Ferrari
Illustrations by Jane Randfield
Printed at Taylor Brothers in Bristol
Published by two&two press

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