A Time ⋅ A Place

the modernist launch crowdfunder to publish new book - A Time ⋅ A Place

Enthusiasts of mid-century architecture and admirers of classic cars are sure to find delight in this book.

A Time ⋅ A Place - is a book in which every 'Car of the Year' (1964-1982) is paired with a building completed in the same year - photographed by acclaimed architectural photographer Daniel Hopkinson, researched and written by architect John Piercy Holroyd.

The collaboration between architect and photographer, aims to capture the essence of both built forms and machines. It also serves as a record of the people, enthusiasts, and custodians who inhabit these spaces. The project began in 2022 and involved extensive travel throughout the UK to find suitable motor cars and locations.

In order to fund the printing of a book of this quality and scale the modernist society need to raise £10,000 and so we have launched a crowd funding campaign to help us get this fabulous large format book into print.

By ordering a copy of the book (£35.00) via the crowdfunder, you will help us reach our goal.

For full information about the book and how to order your copy and help us reach our goal, see our crowdfunder page HERE.

Crowdfunder launches at 12.00 on Friday 26th of April - we have just 28 days to reach £10,000.