House Music - Architecture on Record Sleeves : compiled by Andy Votel


15.07.22 - 10.09.22

When we saw that our friends in Rotterdam - OMI - had put on an exhibition of record sleeves featuring architecture we were very jealous. We couldn't help noticing that one of the sleeves that inspired the exhibition was an artist we know well - The Architect by Jane Weaver - with a sleeve designed by Andy Votel.

So, when we wanted to do our own version of the exhibition, Andy was the obvious man to ask. Not only is he a designer, he is also a DJ, musician and producer, a record label owner, a painter and, most importantly for our purposes, an obsessive collector of weird and obscure records.

As his is way, he strayed a little far from the brief of 'keep it modernist' but never the less he has compiled a fascinating array of record sleeves that will be of interest to architecture and music fans alike.

There is also a 64 page catalogue (and exhibition poster) available, featuring many more sleeves that we couldn't fit in the gallery.

at The Modernist

58 Port Street, Manchester M1 2EQ

open 11am to 5pm, Tuesday to Saturday