Suburban Archetypes : Ian Justice


07.10.21 - 21.11.21

Venue : South Street Kitchen, South Street, Sheffield S2 5QX (Underneath Park Hill Flats)

Ian Justice is a photographer from Sheffield whose work examines the changing societal and topographical landscapes of Northern England and beyond.

These photographs are from a wider series which looks at 20th-century church structures located within the suburban communities of Sheffield and its surrounding areas, and explores their place in modern-day Northern England.

Recently published Church of England statistics show a continuing decline in regular church services taking place in the United Kingdom. This suggests that historically dominant religious practices in the UK could be becoming less prevalent, as the nation is increasingly modernising and diversifying.

Government statistics also show the UK population is continuing to grow, resulting in towns and cities having to expand, which suggests the boundaries separating a city and its suburbs might start to become increasingly blurred.

As Britain continues to diversify and service attendances continue to decline, the work in this series questions the role these structures might come to play in their communities. With populations rising and our communities expanding, in time these buildings may act less as a landmark to their local areas and could start to appear increasingly alien in their surroundings.

 A photo-book featuring Ian's images is available here

Thanks to Rachel and the team at South Street Kitchen for their support and hospitality.