PRESS RELEASE: The Modernist Society launch crowdfunder to support latest book for car and architecture lovers


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A Time ⋅ A Place

The Modernist Society launch crowdfunder to support latest book for car and architecture lovers

The Modernist Society are launching their new book ‘A Time, A Place’ this summer, but they need support from car and architecture lovers alike before they can do so.

A Time, A Place is a book in which every 'Car of the Year' between 1964 to 1982 is paired with a building completed in the same year.

With their latest book, The Modernist Society aims to delve into the people, enthusiasts and custodians who inhabit these spaces, that also display the car of the time.

However, they can’t do this without the reaching the target set in their Crowdfunder, which aims to bring together architecture and car lovers that will support the cause.

The book is photographed by acclaimed architectural photographer Daniel Hopkinson, and researched and written by architect John Piercy Holroyd.

The project began in 2022 and involved extensive travel throughout the UK to find suitable motor cars and locations.

A Time, A Place is a collaboration between Hopkinson and Holroyd, seeking to investigate the morphing strands of vehicular and architectural design in the 20 year period.

Daniel Hopkinson, photographer for A Time – A Place, says: “This was not a question of creating perfect studio shots or super real architectural photographs. It became the story of the car and the building and what happened on the day."

John Holroyd, architect and researcher, says: “It was really interesting seeing the trends between the cars and the architecture of that year, our book explores how the two disciplines diverge and meet back up over time.”

By photographing every winner of the European Car of the Year award alongside a building from the same vintage, this book explores the permanence of built form against the fragility of machines. Hopkinson and Holroyd hope to explore the 60 year period of all European Car of the Years, with this project having potential to lead to a trilogy.

Jack Hale, co-founder of the Modernist Society, says: “The premise of this project was to use the winning vehicle of the European Car of the Year Competition as a metric, paired to a significant building of the same year and to photograph each car and building together.”

This book will be a large format ‘coffee table’ book designed by Hayley Shaw, retailing at £40.00. To donate to the Crowdfunder, please see here.


To see more of The Modernist Society’s work, their website can be found here.

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About The Modernist Society:

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