Adventures in the Land of Modernism

We're off on a new adventure with issue 1 of our worldwide tour of Modernist hot spots.

Take a trip around the world from east to west and back again. Stop off at various locations where you can find interesting pockets of Modernism.

Sixteen correspondents share personal experiences of their travels.

1. Gdynia - Jameson Kergozou
2. Belgium - Connely/Steele
3. Salgótarján - Dr Luca Csepely-Knorr
4. Viewmasters - Jon Riley
5. Belgrade - Richard Brook
6. E1027 - Sarah Hyde
7. Munich - Eddy Rhead
8. Viet Nam - Mel Schenk
9. Basel - Sarah Feeney
10. Melbourne - Aly Stevenson
11. Vancouver - Nicole Sylvia
12. Barcelona - Monk Kollektiv
13. Chandigarh - David Quinn
14. Tallinn - Aidan Turner Bishop
15. Toronto - Gerard Barry
16. Poznan - Peter Halliday

So take a trip to magical Modernist lands - be inspired and pack your swimming trunks - we are off on our Adventures in Land of Modernism.

Beautifully designed by Jonathan Hitchen in Manchester

Paper kindly supplied by G F Smith in Hull

Printed by Evolution in Sheffield


123 pages

240 x 175mm

Litho Print

ISSN: 2516-3469


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