From Our Archives: 10th Anniversary Exhibition (2019)

From Our Archives is the first exhibition in The Modernist Society’s new dedicated exhibition space at 58, Port Street. As 2019 is the 10th anniversary of the formation of the society, this exhibition features some of the team’s favourite items from the organisation’s project archive.

A residency at Manchester’s ‘Toastrack’ unearthed original blueprints as well as photographs of staff and students dating back to its early days as the ‘Domestic and Trades College’ with fashion shoots on the roof and butchering courses in the kitchens.

A long standing love affair with the UMIST Campus led the Society to unilaterally declare it as a Conservation Area in 2012. The Society became ‘uninvited artists in residence’ at the Campus and after awarding ‘degrees’ from their own Modernist University they designed and planted plaques and created a map to honour the very best cluster of 1960s architecture in the city.

In 2011 the team came up with a daft idea of publishing a magazine. Thirty issues, five designers and hundreds of contributors later, all the issues of the modernist magazine will be on display but please don’t ask to buy issue number one.

Conceived and curated by Jack Hale, Eddy Rhead, Ashiya Eastwood, Matt Retallick