Stretford House

Two Hundred & Forty Feet High

Twenty Three Floors

Eighty Eight Two Bedroom Flats

Forty Four One Bedroom Flats

Two Lifts Odd & Even Floors

One Stairwell

Standing as a single solitary obelisk of hard concrete surrounded by softer sediments, the 23 storey high-rise residential block Stretford House has for fifty years acted as Stretford’s very own security guard. Scanning the busy skyline for planes at Ringway Airport, gazing over the ever meandering River Mersey flood plain, manning the historical border post between Lancashire and Cheshire, surveying the scene with its feet firmly planted in Triassic Sandstone as it watches for invaders from space with the help of Bernard Lovell’s radio telescope at Jodrell Bank, which is visible on the horizon.

Stretford House 50 is an exhibition and publication conceived and curated by Bill Mather and the Modernist Society.

Publication design by Wayne Fearnley.

All original photographs were taken by Derek Whitehead the former Borough of Stretford Engineer & Surveyor. They form part of the Stretford Local History Society’s Photographic Archive.

These and other artefacts will be on display alongside a limited number of very special items for sale from the modernist shop.

Publication available here.

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