Romanian Socialist Modernist : Black Sea Littoral - photobook


Romanian Socialist Modernist : Black Sea Littoral by Horia Brebeneanu

Horia is a regular visitor to Modernist HQ and an interesting conversation is always ensured. Out of one of these conversations we learnt that he had been making Polaroid pictures of sea side resorts back in his native Romania. Along with this he was also collecting vintage slides of the same resorts, sold as souvenirs when the resorts were at the height of their popularity.

Subsequently we organised a Show and Tell event at Modernist HQ were Horia talked about the development of these state built resorts and their demise after the fall of Communism. Such was the richness of the story, the vintage slides and Horia’s own Polaroids we decided to collect them in a photobook.

This evocative volume shows a country many of us will be unfamiliar with and a level of state control many of us could never imagine. There is also an an air of utopia about the vintage slides and concurrently a sense of faded glory with the contemporary Polaroids.

48 pages

Full colour

£7 plus p&p

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