The Final Curtain


The Final Curtain by Darren Holden 

You may remember right at the beginning of lockdown we did a photobook with urban explorer and photographer Darren Holden called Pretty Vacant - looking at abandoned industrial architecture across Europe.  

It sold out very quickly but Darren has a huge archive of other sites he has visited so we are very pleased to offer another instalment of Darren's beautiful photographs.

This time we are visiting derelict and empty cinema buildings across the UK.

The Final Curtain takes us on a poignant journey to these former 'palaces of the people' - showing little of their former glamour and luxury, with most now in a perilous and decrepit state. 

From former grand theatres right up to 'modern' multiplexes - it is probably better to grab a hard hat rather than a bag of popcorn as we have a peek behind 'The Final Curtain' of the golden age of cinema. 

48 pages 300gsm cover / 180 gsm inners

A5 Landscape

£10 plus p&p

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