Rail Mugs and Coasters


Buffet / Way Out / Lost Property

The British Rail signage and branding that once helped us negotiate our rail network was introduced over 50 years ago and has all but disappeared in a sea of privatised mediocrity.

In our homage to this design classic we bring you… a table top of tin mugs. The mugs come in three designs - Way Out, Buffet and Lost Property.

These mugs are a reminder of the stuffy buffet bars of days gone by - where a display of curling sandwiches and a steaming tea urn, greeted weary travellers.

Whatever hot beverage you choose to drink out of our Lost Property or Buffet mug, you can be sure, if nothing else, it will guide you in the direction of welcome refreshment.

Why not add a set of four Buffet coasters while you’re at it - don’t want to leave a ring on the formica top, do we?

This hard-wearing enamel mug with metallic trim, is perfect for a cuppa wherever you are…on a station platform, an Inter City 125 or on a break from your wheel tapping.

Mug £12.00

Coasters (x4) £12.00

Mug Size: 10oz *This product is not dishwasher or microwave friendly.

Coasters: Pack of 4 printed wooden coasters measuring 90 x 90 mm with rounded corners. *This product should be wiped clean only with a damp cloth and avoid contact with harsh chemicals such as bleach.

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