Eames "Starburst" Playing Cards


Eames playing cards - Blue or Red.

Designed by Art of Play in close collaboration with the eames office.

A tribute to the timeless sensibilities of charles & ray eames.

'Our first edition of eames playing cards showcases the eames office starburst logo on the backs. This iconic emblem was a recurring motif in the work of both charles and ray. Here it signifies their boundless creative energy—an explosion of light reaching for the outer limits of design's true purpose. The unique numbering system on the faces of the cards enables acts of cardistry to function as subtle homages to the eameses' classic film “powers of ten." the court cards honor the natural majesty they found in elemental geometric shapes.'

Eames Playing Cards come in a letterpress-printed tuck case printed on sustainable paper using vegetable-based dyes. The design of the box references the famous home built by Charles and Ray, a creative base where they lived for many years. Made in the USA.

Imported from the United States
Dimensions:  9 x 6.5 x 2 cm

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