Urban Landscapes - photobook


Urban Landscapes by Lauren McIntyre

Lauren called into our shop a few months ago whilst visiting Manchester and after looking at her Instagram account @urban_______landscape we knew we had to do a photo book with her.

Like many of us Lauren likes a bit of concrete but Lauren tends to avoid the obvious and more photogenic stars of the genre and instead aims her camera into the nooks and crannies of the more overlooked and unglamorous parts of our environment. 

Car park off ramps, emergency exits, rarely used walkways, bin stores - they all get their moment in the sun. Lauren's photographs are more about textures and composition than displaying architectural forms and occasionally she captures elements of natural beauty amongst the hard, cold concrete.

As the title suggests - if you are fan of urban landscapes then this photobook is for you. 


42 pages

Full colour

£8 plus p&p

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