the modernist magazine issue #40 KUDOS


 special 10th anniversary edition

In this issue the likes of Jonathan Meades, Elain Harwood, Tim Dunn, Jeremy Leslie and our very own Eddy Rhead, Sarah Feeney and and Ashiya Eastwood celebrate our 40th issue by giving KUDOS to a few of our favourite things.. from cathedrals to Campari and from BIC pens to J G Ballard.. its happy birthday to the modernist

After 10 years and 40 issues this is the moment we should jokingly comment, “and they said it would never last!” Somewhat smugly, however, we have to admit that no-one has ever said that, and even if they had it has fallen on deaf ears. The truth is that the modernist magazine has always had a great amount of support and, fundamentally, we would not be reaching issue number 40 without the loyalty and support of all our contributors and readers.

Reaching 40 issues for most magazines is an achievement, but for a magazine that carries no advertising and is run on a shoestring it is most certainly something to celebrate. One of the main reasons we feel that the magazine has prospered
is that it is essentially written by its readers. We aim to include contributions from a variety of people and backgrounds and, as such, we like to think we have a broad appeal in a very narrow subject.

We are eternally grateful to the writers, photographers, designers, artists, architects, poets and others who seek no categorisation for making the magazine what is has been and what it has become. We are especially grateful to all our editors and guest editors, and to our designers to date – Des Lloyd Behari, Thomas Ulrik Madsen, Jonathan Hitchen and Daniel James – for making the magazine look consistently, constituently beautiful.

In this spirit of collaboration, we present to you issue 40 KUDOS, in which we have invited some of the many friends that we have made over the last 10 years to give kudos to one of their favourite subjects.

It only goes for us to say that the biggest thank you should go to you, our readers, who continue to support our humble little magazine. As long as you continue
to buy and enjoy it, we will continue to make it.

*just like the Beano Summer Special this is a whopping bumper edition..

125 pages

Perfect bound


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