We don't mind having a little drink here at the modernist so we have combined our interests and done a beer.

The concept
The idea of Friday afternoon beers is something we at the modernist have long subscribed to. It was only when we visited Indiecon—the independent publishers fair in Hamburg— that we discovered the Germans, in their infinite wisdom, have a word for it: “Feierabendbier”  —the weekday beer you have on finishing work. 
So for our next collaboration, we decided to celebrate our Friday afternoon ritual with a beer all of our own... 

We’ve called it “Feierabendbier” 
—pronounced Fire-arben-beer. 

The beer
The obvious people to brew it for us were our friends at Manchester Union Lager (MUL). We are unashamed lager drinkers here at the modernist and big fans of their beer.
Manchester Union Brewery brewed our “Feierabendbier” beer as an easy drinking kellerbier; bright amber with a slight honey base, balanced with bags of hersbrucker hops bitterness and delivering slightly fruity and spiced notes. 

The can
For the can design we asked our friends, and Manchester design legends, Trevor and Craig Johnson to design it for us. 

Taking their cues from German Modernist design, and the idea of that magical 5 o'clock moment, they came up with a minimalist and quintessentially Modernist design. 
The design takes inspiration from Bauhaus, the Ulm School of Design and the clocks and watches of Dieter Rams and Max Bill. Being the modernist, we couldn’t just have our beer taste great, it had to look great too. 
“Feierabendbier” is our latest community, collaborative project and is available to buy via the Manchester Union Brewery website. 

A limited edition run selling now till stocks run dry. Visit the Manchester Union Lager website here