ASYLUMS by Darren Holden

To coincide with our exhibition of Darren Holden's photographs at the modernist gallery CTRL-ALT-DEL we present the third book by this urban explorer and photographer. The first, Pretty Vacant, is long sold out but the second The Final Curtain is still available.

This volume focusses on abandoned and derelict asylums and mental hospitals. For better or worse, changes in mental health provision has meant that the huge, sprawling asylums of the past are no longer fit for purpose and many lie in ruins. 

Darren has travelled the country and documented these once grand, but imposing, buildings in various stages of dereliction. Remnants of their former use are still be seen and whilst the photographs and settings are often beautiful there is definitely a slightly sinister air to these locations. 

Darren has beautifully captured these buildings that are now from age that is thankfully behind us.  

70 pages 300gsm cover / 180 gsm inners

A5 Landscape

£13 plus p&p

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