Best Buildings Britain


Best Buildings Britain is an elegant and easy-to-use guide to 75 modern buildings completed in the last 100 years. Author Matthew Freedman has selected the entries from the top ten lists of a wide range of architects and architecture experts. The contributors include eminent names like Norman Foster, Piers Gough, Charles Holland, Jonathan Meades, Alice Rawsthorn and Richard Rogers.

The result is a diverse and often unexpected mix of buildings: from celebrated contemporary projects such as the Shard and the London Aquatics Centre, to brutalist giants like Preston bus station and the National Theatre, to the 1930s elegance of North London’s Highpoint and the Bexhill’s De La Warr Pavilion. Alongside all these, there are plenty of surprises. The choices range from Cornwall to Orkney and from 1926 to 2016.

The book also features every contributor’s full list of favourite buildings, offering readers endless opportunities to compare, contrast and explore.

Last update October 2019
Language English
Author Matthew Freedman
Graphic design Joke Gossé
Finish Softcover
Format 13 x 18 cm
Pages 200
ISBN 9789460582554

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