Concrete Conversations: A Brutalist Photo Walk through Central London

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Welcome to 'Concrete Conversations' A Brutalist Photo Walk through Central London, in association with The Modernist Book Fair

Friday 21st June 2024

All proceeds going to Bow Food Bank

5.30pm for a 6pm start (until approx. 8pm)

Meet at Vitsoe, 21 Marylebone Lane, London, W1U 2NG

Join us, Stefano from uhm zines and the Modernist, on a journey through the heart of London as we explore the sometimes overlooked beauty of brutalist architecture.

London is a city known for its rich architectural history, from the classic elegance of its Victorian buildings to the sleek modernity of its glass skyscrapers. However, hidden amongst the bustling streets and crowded squares, lies a style of architecture that is often misunderstood and underappreciated: brutalism.

Our photo walk is not just about capturing striking images; it's about discovering the stories behind these concrete giants and understanding their place in London's ever-changing landscape.

The Itinerary:

·        Our journey begins at Vitsoe showroom, home of modular furniture designed by Dieter Rams in 1960, and made by Vitsœ ever since.

·        Next, we'll make our way to the site where the Welbeck Street Car Park once stood. Here, we'll pause to reflect on the changing face of London's architecture and the threat that brutalist buildings face from demolition.

·        As we stroll along Oxford Street, we'll stop to admire the John Lewis department store including ‘Winged Figure’ by Barbara Hepworth.

·        Our journey then takes us to the iconic BT Tower, a symbol of London's skyline and a genuine ‘icon’ of the 1960s.

·        From there, we'll visit the University of Westminster, a place of learning and with a bold brutalist design.

·        Continuing on, we'll visit the St Giles Hotel, another fine example of brutalist architecture. Here, we'll discuss the characteristics of brutalism and its impact on the urban landscape.

·        Finally, we'll conclude our walk at Centre Point, empty for many of its early years, it became a rallying symbol for the campaign against homelessness. 

Why Join Us:

Whether you're an experienced photographer or just starting out, our photo walk is open to all. It's not just an opportunity to capture stunning images; it's a chance to meet new people, start meaningful conversations, and gain a deeper appreciation for the architecture that shapes our city.

So, lace up your walking shoes, grab your camera, and join us for an unforgettable journey through the concrete jungle of central London. Together, let's explore the beauty of brutalist architecture and the stories it has to tell.

Image credits:

Centrepoint: Stefano Sama

Welbeck Car Patk: Kimberley Harris

[this tour - pre-booked ticket holders only]

NB: we do not send out tickets for these events - your name will be added to an attendee list

NB: Walk will be approximately 2 hours in length - this is an outdoor event and is at the mercy of the weather, please dress accordingly, and take extra care with road traffic and all those other on street hazards!


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