Contemporary Bus Stops Design (PT)


By Etienne BOUET

The (art)book is not a catalogue of contemporary bus stops but a personal selection of these structures called Paragem in portuguese language that the author discovered during a trip in Portugal last year. Etienne Bouet is a French multiform and self-taught artist. His interest is mainly focused on contemporary art, architecture and photography.

He also released two books  Skateurs Ordinaires (Cameda editions) and Paris, Skate in the City (Eyrolles Editions) with Mathieu Claudon in recent years. For their contemporary art projects, he painted the Red XV series and the Unconcrete Architects series that were exhibited from Paris to New York via Berlin... After a trip in Portland in 2019 his work was turned about ordinary architecture and design.

Contemporary Bus Stops Design (PT)

Etienne BOUET
Paragem Publishing
Distribution France SAVECA Art & Paper
Limited edition 2024 Texts in french language and chapters in english language 
Format 24 x 16,5 cm 9,44 x 6,29 inch / Soft cover with flap
48 pages / 73 photographies / 2 cuttable prints (4 choices of photographies)

ISBN 978-2-9544092-1-4

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