If Destroyed Still True - Poetry by Liz Berry & Photography by Tom Hicks


If Destroyed Still True

This photobook is the latest instalment of an ongoing collaboration between poet Liz Berry and artist Tom Hicks. Both create work inspired by the landscape and people of their native Black Country, a post-industrial region of the West Midlands.

Tom Hicks aka blackcountrytype documents, as the name suggests, the vernacular and incidental typography of his native West Midlands. The vivid colours he captures somewhat contradict the idea of the ‘Black Country’ and there is definitive jolliness and humour, if somewhat plaintive, nature to his work.

Liz Berry is a celebrated and award winning poet who responds to Tom’s photography, summoning up equally vivid and compelling imagery with her words. Liz’s poetry and Tom’s photography perfectly combine to create a wonderful, evocative set of words and pictures which The Modernist is very pleased to bring to you.

44 pages

Full colour

£7 plus p&p


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