'haçienda flyers' greeting cards


The Haçienda was a night club in Manchester. You may have heard of it.

Trevor Johnson, who has been designing our magazine for us for the last couple of years, designed many of the flyers and posters for The Haçienda in the late 80s and early 90s. Flyers are ephemeral by their very nature so the majority have not survived but thankfully Trevor kept the artwork and has recreated them in greeting card form.

If you were there you can recapture a small part of your youth. If you weren't there you can impress your friends and pretend you were. 

Whether you were a Wednesday nighter or a Nude nighter or maybe succumbed to the pleasure of FLESH - grab yourself a pack or two. But don't be using them for skinning up. That would be wrong. 

Greetings cards

145mm x 105mm, with envelope.

Designed by Trevor Johnson

©2018 Johnson Inc.

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