In Case You Missed It - catalogue


In Case You Missed It : exhibition responding to the closure and imminent demolition of Manchester's much loved modernist campus - UMIST.

03.11.23 - 24.12.23

Twenty-six artists have come together to celebrate their affection for the former UMIST Campus. The exhibition features a variety of artforms including photography, collage, painting, printmaking, video, LEGO and even a hat.

Built as the forefront of technical innovation, UMIST holds a special place in Manchester's cultural identity and history, it's now iconic buildings defining the height of 1960's modernism and the city's strides into science and technology. Yet for me, strolling through on an evening, UMIST is an oasis in the city, a cocoon of calm white concrete and green space where you can hear the birds sing. Over the site's six decades countless students, scientists, lecturers and visitors will have had their own very individual relationships with the site.

In Case You Missed It is an exhibition about these relationships. It is a collection of creative responses to a Manchester institution: The view from an artist's first studio, the morning cut through on the way to work, a favourite building captured in spray-paint, an inspiration for Utopian visions, a beloved and constant backdrop to the Mancunian Way. These personal stories tell us about UMIST's impact just as vividly as the clean lines that make up it's facades and stand as a celebration to a place that in all likelihood will only exist as a memory in the future.' Gemma Parker

Exhibition conceived by Gemma Parker

Exhibiting artists:  Anna Novitzky, Benjamin Carter, Bill Ayres, Christine A Lawley, DR.ME, Freya Thomson, Helen Angell, Huren Marsh, Jen Orpin, John Rooney, Liam Spencer, Lisa Robinson, Lucie Holzer, Mandy Payne, Michael Garaway, Nick Jordan, Peter Hatton, Tea, Peter James Houghton, Plyconic, Richard Aldred, Sarah Hardacre, Second Breakfast Club, Shirley Hampton, Simon Phipps, Spaceplay, Tony Bolton.

Catalogue design: Thomas Steeles  @steeles_graphics

Softcover, 36pages,
210 x 148 mm (portrait)

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