Brian Lomas 

From the man who bought you Small Shops we bring you the Lawnsheds of Portland, Dorset. Shot in Brian's characteristic style - monotone, flat light, straightforward point of view and the obvious typologies.

Once again Brian takes a plaintive look at the overlooked.

"Although I’ve been photographing the lawn sheds for nearly 30 years I know very little about them.

I’m told there are over 300 of them, largely clustered around Portland Bill. They are simple structures intended for day use, although some of the older ones have overnight sleeping rights. There are no services connected to the sheds, but water taps are provided on site.

The sheds are not fenced off nor do they have gardens, but the grass is neatly kept. Any affectation is minimal.

The name ‘Lawnsheds’ appears on Ordnance Survey maps. The owners do not refer to them by that name, but that is essentially what they are.

These photographs are a matter of record."
Brian Lomas – 2024

42 pages



£8 plus p&p

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