Magpie x Hornsea Mini Storage Pots


Hornsea Mini Storage Pot. Gift Boxed in matching design box.

Hornsea Design Director, John Clappison, originally drew this fantastic design for a range of ceramics, produced circa 1967. Magpie have redrawn this super cute design from the original artwork archived in the Hornsea Museum and created new ceramic moulds to make a range of storage pots, glazing them using authentic Hornsea colours of the period.

This storage pot is made from Stoneware and hand glazed so each one is unique. Natural Cork Lid included.

Hornsea Potteries was founded in 1949 by brothers Colin and Desmond Rawson. This quintessentially British brand made ground breaking designs all through the following decades until its final closure in 2000.

The Hornsea legacy remains an important inspiration to many illustrators and artists today. With full access to the archives at the Hornsea Museum, this is the second range of products re-designed and released under official licence by Magpie.

Dimensions: 8.5 x 8.5 x 8.5 cm

Weight: 300g

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