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When we think of modernism, we immediately think of the shiny and new. However, what was once cherished can soon become unloved, ignored, and neglected. Within this issue, we look at things that have, over time, perhaps seen better days.

Come with us on a global journey to look at the overlooked. We will be visiting Liverpool and Lambeth, Tripoli and Tallinn, and many places in between. Anita McKinna guides us around Skopje’s Central Post Office while Rik Moran is a flâneur in the former Olympic Park of Athens. Chris Leslie looks at beleaguered Cumbernauld, and Tom Benjamin wanders around the erstwhile 'Palace of Culture and Sports' in the former Soviet Union.

It is not just physical spaces that can become neglected; reputations and legacies can also disappear into obscurity. Amanda Game brings the wonderful work of the designer Mary Farmer back into the spotlight. It is impossible to expect everything to remain, and decay is inevitable. In this issue, we hope to catch the neglected before they disappear forever and maybe, in some small way, halt their slow but unstoppable decline.

“All That Is Solid Melts Into Air.”


60 pages b&w and colour

200mm x 200mm

Perfect bound

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