Otl Aicher Pictogram Breakfast Cups


Do you take Breakfast, Frühstück or Petit dejeuner?

Our obsession with the designs of Otl Aicher continues with our range of Breakfast Frühstück Petit Dejuner mugs (or are they cups) ideal for that first coffee of the day.

Bone china featuring Otl Aicher pictogram - 0192 Breakfast.

Capacity: 390 ml
Dimensions: 89 x 85 mm

The pictogram system, designed by Gerhard Joksch under the supervision of Design Commissioner Otl Aicher, originally for the Munich Olympic Games, was intended to be easily understandable and accessible to every visitor, irrespective of their native language. The visual identity for the Munich Olympics and the pictogram system has endured way beyond the 1972 Games. It is now considered a benchmark in visual identity and graphic design.

We have a range of new products that will use some of the pictograms - with our own Modernist Society spin.

This is an officially licensed product - pictograms © Otl Aicher.

Special thank you to Trevor & Craig Johnson for creative direction and helping bring this project to fruition.

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