Prefab Scout


By Jethro Marshall

The book is a typology of mobile homes, placed in semi permanent vantage points along the Jurassic Coast, in South West England. Shot out of season, the homes are free of human life and their paraphernalia revealing these colloquial pre fabricated modernist forms - equal parts regimented Soviet, free living American and British kitsch. The book comes with a giclee print packaged within an attached envelope, which conceals an introductory essay by architect and critic, Sam Jacob.

The b&w portraits are without judgement or irony, they are an enthusiasts collection, part of a larger visual documentation of the South West countryside where I take an anti bucolic/ pro rural approach to documenting the mundane, the functional - real character hiding under the invisibility cloak of the everyday.

Saddle Stitched, 240 x 290mm

Attached cream Envelope, with Giclee print

6 x 8” Print on 310gsm Photographique Rag, signed & authenticated

36pp Naturalis text pages

4pp Colorplan Emerald covers

Blind emboss logo

First Edition of 100

Design, Sam Blunden

Essay, Sam Jacob

“...It was not as problem solving devices that prefabricated homes came their own. Instead they found a different use as a kind of leisure flotsam. Lightweight holiday homes, delivered to site on propped up on bricks. Oblong units, factory fresh, ready to be kitted out with the minutiae of domestic personalisation. A technology that architecture expected to revolutionise the future instead became armatures for the beautiful everyday banalities of seaside holidays. Technologies and materials that may have once been vanguards were requisitioned within an altogether more humble forms of occupation. Injection moulded fragments of domesticity, plastic approximations of rooftiles, extruded aluminium, architraves, mixed with the trims and details of vehicular stylings. A hybrid object that’s half a romantic idea of home (with all the associations of rootedness and place), part the detailing of the highway (with associations of travel and speed)”

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