Snow Hill Bridge M6 Lancashire' Badge


Snow Hill Badge

We all have our favourite motorway bridge don't we? Don't we? 

Well, even if you don't, we do here at the modernist and after an exhaustive selection process we decided that Snow Hill, on the M6 in Lancashire, deserved to be immortalised on a badge.

Located just south of a previous badge subject, Forton Services, this graceful and elegant bridge is probably ignored by tens of thousands of people everyday. But not by us. 

Show your appreciation of this wonderful piece of engineering by wearing this badge on your jacket lapel, cagoule or ruc-sac.

Badges are £8 each (plus p&p)

(25mm x 20mm with butterfly clip).

 **Please remember - we are a not for profit organisation with a very small team. We aim to dispatch your order within seven days of receiving it. Please be patient with us. Thank you.**

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