Spaghetti Junction


Photography by Richard Davis

Introduction by Tom Hicks

Poems by Helen Angell

Although photographer Richard Davis has lived in the North West much of his adult life he hails from the Midlands. When we discussed a reprint of a photozine he did for us on The Mancunian Way he also told us he has been photographing Birmingham's Gravely Hill Interchange aka Spaghetti Junction.

With this news we decided to publish both. Richard has documented this epic and awe inspiring structure over a the past couple of years and captured it in all its urban infrastructural glory.

Perhaps not quite what one would call 'beautiful' Richard's photographs do however  reveal the many hidden layers and facets of this fascinating place. 

Softcover, 54 pages,
Colour and B+W

Also available by Richard Davis - Mancunian Way (buy together for £30.00)

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