St Ives Modernism - Photobook


St Ives Modernism by Matt Retallick and Sean Madner

Designed by Paul Guinan

A slight change of pace from our usual urban concrete and tough infrastructure.

Two Modernist stalwarts Matt Retallick - who worked for us here at Modernist HQ for 18 months until the financial repercussion of COVID took its toll - and Sean Madner - aka the Sheffield Modernist Society - have teamed up to bring us an intriguing look at the coastal town of St Ives.

Well known for its good light and for the artists that followed that light Sean and Matt have ducked down alleyways and climbed steep streets to find some hidden gems and some not so hidden gems within the seaside town.

Probably better to pack some paint and easel than a bucket and spade but let The Modernist take you on a trip to the seaside.

40 pages

Full colour

£7 plus p&p

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