Stretford House 50 - Photobook


Stretford House : Bill Mather

Reprinted: November 2021 to coincide with Stretford House 50++ exhibition at Stretford Public Hall.

This publication is a collaboration between Stretford Local History Society and Manchester Modernist Society to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Stretford House, the 23 storey high-rise residential housing block which is situated at the junction of Chester Road and Barton Road in Stretford Manchester.

It is dedicated to all the original tenants of Stretford House, who like the 1960's astronauts were brave enough to venture into the unknown territory of high-rise living.

Full colour A5 photobook (44 pages)

Original Design Wayne Fearnley (amended for reprint)


Neue Haas Unica by Monotype

40 pages

Full colour

£7 plus p&p

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