the modernist magazine issue #33 JUNCTION


Stay or go, left or right, backwards forwards, in or out?

How remiss it would be at this point in history not to begin the J series on the subject of junctions. The figurative kind: those between being in and out of favour; those with the establishment on one side and counter-culture on the other; spaces evolved from many cultural moments and the junctions that connect where you’re from, to where you went, to where you’ve returned. And, of course, the concrete sort. As in made of concrete. For all you fans.

As if I’d forget you lot.



A HAIKU Colin Fallows // YESTERDAY'S VISION OF TOMORROW Darren Bradley // JUNCTIONS, // SWINGERS AND ROUNDABOUTS Steve Beale // DAYSAVER TO TOWN GREEN Anthony Teasdale // BRITAIN ... DEFINED BY THE JUNCTION BETWEEN LAND AND SEA Wayne Hemingway // AT THE JUNCTION OF WHITWORTH STREET Ben Kelly interview by Sarah Feeney // SOUTHAMPTON BUS STATION Michael Holden // THE PARABOLIC COMMONS Jerry & Shay Stifelman // UP THE JUNCTION Simon Wells // DALSTON JUNCTION John McAslan + Partners | Elizabeth Riley-Evans // 1968: POSTER POWER Russ Gater // SPAGHETTI JUNCTION Michael Dring

(Published December 2019)

135mm(w) x 280mm(h)

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