Modernist Typeface Notebooks


We love a notebook here at Modernist HQ and we've long wanted to do some ourselves. But what to put on the cover?

Well we sat down with our Bumper Book of Typefaces and chose six of our favourites and then design maestros and type nerds Trevor and Craig Johnson designed the covers for us.

They are a celebration of some of the best 20th century typefaces and we hope you agree with our choice. There was some debate whether to include Garamond : The Greatest of All Typefaces but we just stuck with six 20th century classics. 

We have chosen Gill Sans, Futura, Optima, Univers, Avant Garde and New Alphabet.

There was also some debate as to what inners to choose too - blank, lined, grid or dots. Well we decided to cover all bases and give you all four in one. So if you are a writer, a doodler, a mathematician or an architect (or all of the above) your needs are met. 

A6 in size and clad in lovely 270gsm Colorplan paper (Park Green, Azure Blue and Candy Pink to be exact) with 48 inner pages. 

The colourway of the cover may not be the one in the picture.

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