Braw Concrete - pop up exhibition

Pop up exhibition 05.11.22


To celebrate the launch of our latest book Braw Concrete by Peter Halliday and Alan Stewart, we will be hosting a pop up exhibition - for one day only. The exhibition highlights some of the photographs of post war Glasgow architecture featured in the book.

Braw Concrete, published by The Modernist Society, is a new book that encourages people to look afresh at Glasgow’s mid-century architecture and the spirit of optimism that gave birth to them. The book invites a reappraisal of Glasgow's post war architecture and will be available to buy from the exhibition.

Over 144 pages, the book takes a meandering, east-to-west journey through central-Glasgow, dropping off along the way to appraise some of the most emblematic concrete buildings. The collection of photographs, snapped over the course of a year, seeks to capture their spirit, their current condition, and the way the everyday life of the city goes on around them. And the accompanying text gives an insight into their creation, their significance, and the cast of characters behind them.  


at New Glasgow Society, 

1307 Argyle St, Glasgow G3 8TL