BÉTON : Olivia Turner


11.11.22 - 24.12.22

The exhibition shows the depth of Olivia Turner’s practice and how it has developed over the last few years, bringing together several avenues which Turner has continued to explore.

Turner’s concern with spatial awareness is evident within her work, which continually plays with conventional ideas about spaces. Her paintings are densely multi-faceted representations of Brutalist architecture with composition, form and structure playing an integral part in her work. Developed from her photographs and drawings, the compositions are built up from multiple viewpoints. She continuously layers drawings on tracing paper, allowing her to explore countless configurations, carefully refining these before developing them into paintings.

By isolating her compositions from their original surroundings, she wants to give the viewer no option but to interact with them. Turner wants the viewer to see the true beauty of these buildings, starting a conversation around the loss of them in society. Her main intention is to alter a place by creating a new space within it, causing the viewer to question their perception of their own experience of the space.

Originally from Brighouse Turner moved to Edinburgh in 2012 to study Painting at Edinburgh College of Art. Having enjoyed a string of successes after graduating, she has become a notable artist in Edinburgh’s creative scene. Turner has continued to develop her practice and has exhibited worldwide and is currently the President of the Society of Scottish Artists.

[Works are for sale]

at The Modernist

58 Port Street, Manchester M1 2EQ

open 11am to 5pm, Tuesday to Saturday